Chairmans Circle promises, benefits, and reality

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Chairmans Circle promises, benefits, and reality

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:44 pm

If you are a Chairman's Circle member, I would be interested in hearing an update from you regarding your CC membership. Are you receiving "everything as promised" in the contract? Are the service levels as portrayed? My personal experience has not been good. The concierge and butlers are not attentive (and rather forgetful). The CC golf carts are never available. Booking a "guaranteed R Villa or better" never happens. Booking something takes days and the correspondence is horrendous.David Deleon flat lied about everything during the sales process. Cap el Limon at Samana is still Sim City with no place to stay (and IMPOSSIBLE to get a group transported to).. Sea Lavie Beach is a situated right next to a sewer drain and the entire place smells like raw waste. Sure, staying as a CC member is certainly better than non-CC, but it is NOWHERE near the hype of what was promised. And it would be REALLY nice if someone in the CC organization would take some responsibility to fix the problem. Trying to "get things fixed" will certainly get you on a blacklist at the resort.

Want to stay at one of the other LHVC locations? No CC available there, and your daily AI is $150pp. That was never disclosed.

Want to stay somewhere else (non-LHVC) through Intravel? Promised that we would just pay the same weekly fee for an equivalent villa. That will never happen and you end up doing better booking directly on Expedia.

Sadly, this could have been a very nice program, but LHCV has failed to deliver. I would like to believe that this has just been my personal experience, but I suspect this may be more common than not. Hopefully this is something that LHVC can receive and correct some of the problems.


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